Mikron Milling Machines

Tristate Milling Machine Solutions from GF Machining Solutions (Aka Mikron Milling)

MillingTristate meets our customers demand for better quality, shorter turnaround times and improved, more cost-effective machining with Milling solutions from GF Machining Solutions (formerly Mikron Milling). Their modalities address three distinct segments of the Milling Machine market:

  • High Speed Milling Machine (HSM) – 10 times faster than conventional milling machines with greater accuracy and a better surface finish. >>>more
  • High Performance Milling Machine (HPM) – 3 Axis, 4 Axis, and 5 Axis milling of high-quality parts. >>> more
  • High efficiency Milling Machine (HEM) – the ergonomic answer to the standard production of precision parts in prototyping and milling single parts to small batch series production.  >>> more

To find out more about GF Machining Solutions (Mikron) Milling, or schedule a consultation with one of our sales engineers, call us at (847) 520-4420, or contact us here.

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