Abrasive Waterjet

Waterjet cutting compares favorably with other cutting methods, offering good accuracy, fast set-up time and fast cutting, while also cutting a wide range of materials with no Heat Affected Zone(HAZ) or change in material properties. For more, see how Waterjet cutting compares to other methods.

Omax Offers Two Waterjet Lines:
Full Featured Traditional Omax Waterjet >>> More
Entry Level/Low Cost Maxiem Waterjet >>> More
Price/Performance Value Add:
Total Solution Support for Omax Waterjet & Maxiem Waterjet

As the standard bearer and exclusive distributor in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin (except NW. WI) for Omax Corporation, Tristate is structured to provides our customers the same critical value associated with the Omax name. Rather than unpleasant surprises often found too late using low cost competitors, our customers enjoy a critical level of support services to avoid downtime, maximize their competitive positioning, and provide peace of mind for the life of the machine. First, we employ only seasoned sales solution engineers. With an astonishing 25 yr. average in machining, they share the most competitive state of the art solutions to solve manufacturing problems and continue their expert advice when new challenges arise. Then, our responsive inside personnel immediately address ordering and configuration questions over the phone.  Alternately, our customers can take advantage of the convenient Tristate Online Store. Next, Tristate maintains three dedicated Omax factory trained service engineers, providing quality installation, timely warranty and non-warranty service, and advanced troubleshooting support. Finally, we offer excellent financing options, used machines, seminars, and newsletters. In short, our Total Solutions Support program offers true value far beyond the purchase price, providing smooth operation and profitability for our customers year after year.


Tristate also offers solutions from


Micro Waterjet manufactures High Precision abrasive waterjet machines for purchase and is also a contract machining facility for special applications requiring ultra fine kerf width (as small as .0032″). >>>More





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